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Garbage & Recycling

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Solid Waste Information

Phone:  561-845-4080

Goode Companies, Inc. is the City's provider for trash effective on Oct. 1.

Information on New Solid Waste Collection Service Provider
and Important Billing Changes

THE CITY OF RIVIERA BEACH ANNOUNCES A NEW SOLID WASTE COLLECTION SERVICE PROVIDER AND IMPORTANT BILLING CHANGES The City of Riviera Beach (City) is pleased to announce its new partnership with The Goode Companies of Florida Inc. (GCI) to provide solid waste and recycling collection services to our residents and businesses beginning on Saturday, October 1, 2022. Please look forward to an informational packet from GCI, which is intended to describe the seamless transition process that has been developed so as to create an exceptional service experience. NEW RESIDENTIAL WASTE CONTAINERS GCI will be exchanging the existing green waste containers with new blue waste containers over the next few months to residential customers. Until the exchanges of waste containers are made, please continue to use the existing green containers. In the event that the new container is not provided by November 30, 2022, please contact the Citv's Public Works Department at (561) 845-4080. WASTE COLLECTION ROUTES AND SCHEDULES Over the years, certain parts of our community have grown, resulting in a disproportionate amount of waste collection activities taking place on certain days. As such, the City and GCI will work together to review collection schedules in comparison to collection needs and collection routes. This simply means that waste collectionschedules and routes may change to create increased efficiencies of operations. Nevertheless, if this occurs, customers will be alerted of any changes with timely and advance notice WASTE AND RECYCLING SERVICES FEES The City's utility bill includes fees for solid waste and recycling services. Increases in costs for labor, fuel, and capital equipment are contributing to the increase of providing waste and recycling services. The City and GCI are committed to providing a high level of service that will result in cleaner and beautified communities. Effective for the next billing, residential customers will be billed $22.05 per month for these services. Commercial rates for waste and recycling services will be available on the City's website in the upcoming weeks. NEW BILLING PROCESS Beginning with monthly billings due in October 2022, payments for utility bills will now be due on the 15th day of the following month for all customers. This means that the first payment due date will be on October 15, 2022 and thereafter, payment will be due on the 15th day of the month. Customers will continue to have the same amount of time to pay their utility bills as before. For example, the next reading of utility meters will occur from September 26th through September 28th. Utility bills will be mailed on September 29th with payment due on October 15th. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO AUTOMATIC BILL PAYMENT CUSTOMERS Beginning with monthly billings due in October 2022, automatic payments will be deducted by the City from your bank account or credit card on the 15th of each month. The first payment under the new billing process will be on October 15, 2022. If you would like to cancel, set up, or make changes to your automatic bill payment method, please visit the City's website. For existing users, please login to access your existing utility account. New users may register to setup access to their utility account. Please contact the City's Finance Department at (561) 845-4050 or for further assistance. CUSTOMER SERVICE As the City works through this exciting transition with GCI, should you have any questions or require additional information regarding operational issues, please contact the City's Public Works Department at (561) 845-4080 or For utility billing matters, please contact the City's Finance Department at (561) 845-4050 or Wethank you for your patience and understanding during this period of transition to the new solid waste collection and recycling service provider. City of Riviera Beach | 600 West Blue Heron Boulevard | Riviera Beach, Florida 33404

Billing Changes

For more information on billing changes, click here.

General Guidelines On Collection

Listing files in 'Pickup Schedules'


Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is performed twice a week. Please keep toys, bikes and other "keepers" away from the curb on collection days so we don't take them by mistake. Tires, construction and demolition debris, auto and boat parts, barrels, drums and empty gas tanks are items that are excluded from this service and will not be collected. 

Contact the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) at 561-697-2700 to schedule a pick up.



Yard Waste Collection

Any cut limbs, palm fronds, branches, bushes, twigs or grass clippings are considered "yard waste."  Please follow these basic preparations:

  • Large branches, limbs and other cuttings should be bundled and tied, and they should not exceed six feet in length or weigh more than 50 pounds
  • Grass clippings, leaves, and small twigs or branches must be placed in sturdy plastic bags, securely closed or in containers (with lids) not to exceed 32 gallons or weigh more than 50 pounds 




  • Use the yellow bin for paper (newspapers, magazines and catalogs, brown paper grocery bags, clean corrugated boxes).
  • Use the blue bin for all the rest (clear, brown and green glass containers - with no lids, plastic containers with the one through seven recycling code on them, aluminum cans, pie plates and foil, milk cartons, juice cartons, and drink boxes).


Bulk Pickup

Bulk pickup includes large household items put out for collection. Such items include old furniture, carpeting, appliances, etc. Please do not include construction debris. 

Bulk Collection Schedule


Curbside Tips 

  • Set your waste in front of your property
  • Set out your bins only when they are full
  • Keep garbage bags tightly tied
  • In stormy or windy weather, stack your bins. Put the paper bin on the bottom to prevent papers from flying away
  • Place your waste at the curb or within six feet from the edge of the street so it's easy to see
  • Use recyclables bins only for the proper recyclables. If there are other types of trash or garbage in your recycling bins, we have to leave them behind

Materials like paints, pesticides, pool chemicals, anti-freeze and engine oil need to be disposed of in special ways.

Call Solid Waste Authority (SWA) at 561-697-2700 for more information.


Contact Information


Louis A. Johnson
Director of Public Works
1481 W. 15th Street
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
Phone: (561) 845-4080

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