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5/9/2022 - City Hall Is Moving as Part Of Reimagine Riviera




RIVIERA BEACH, FL. (Oct. 25, 2021) The Riviera Beach City Council recently gave the greenlight to build a new City Hall on Broadway Avenue and allocated $1.5 million to make the move from the aging facility on Blue Heron Boulevard.

The Council on Oct. 20 authorized the move to construct a new state-of-the-art facility on city- owned property to break ground on the City’s Centennial Birthday on Sept. 29, 2022.

The new City Hall is just one component in an innovative initiative entitled “Reimagine Riviera Beach,” a capital construction campaign intended to improve, modernize, and revitalize municipal facilities while being conscientious of environmental, social and economic elements intended to ensure inclusivity, diversity, and prosperity for all that live, work and play within the City of Riviera Beach.

One of the most important aspects of the plan is community engagement and support. As a result of numerous community meetings, the City Council has taken the monumental first step in identifying where the new City Hall campus will be cited. The first facility that was able to come online under this extensive plan was the Riviera Beach Public Library & Emerging Community Center, 2129 N. Congress Ave., earlier this year.

Other Current Projects

  • Fire Station 88 – 1904 W. Blue Heron (Groundbreaking is expected in mid-Nov)
  • Urban Farm Produced 2,000 + lbs., of fresh organic produce at 1663 W. Blue Heron Blvd. (Construction and upgrades are ongoing while the farm is open to the public)
  • City Hall – Between W. 23rd Street and W. 22nd St. (Construction commencement on Sept. 2022)
  • City Municipal Service(s) Complex – Public Works and USD / Water Plant. The USD Board is expected to approve in Nov. 2021, with construction commencing in Feb. 2022.
  • The Lindsay Davis Community Policing Substation (Construction commencement in Nov 2021)
  • Fire Station 87 is in the Pre-Planning Process Location TBD. Construction expected to commence in May 2022.
  • 13th Traffic Calming Circles Construction Construction commencement in Sept. 2022.


Future Facilities

  • The Council on Oct. 20 authorized the move to build a new state-of-the-art facilities on city-owned property to break ground on the City’s Centennial Birthday on Sept. 29, 2022.
  • Wells’ Recreation & Wellness Center (2409 Ave. HW) Construction commencement TBD
  • Calloway Tate Recreation Complex (1420 W. 10th St.) Construction commencement TBD
  • New Riviera Beach Public Library (Location TBD) Construction commencement Sept. 2022.
  • Fire Station 89 Renovation (7501 N. Military Trail) Construction commencement Dec. 2022.
  • Fire Station 86 – Location (TDB) Construction commencement TBD


About Reimagine Riviera Beach

The City of Riviera Beach has developed a plan for the reconstruction of City Facilities that are in desperate need of attention. Many of the facilities were built in the 1970s and have not seen any significant improvements since. As a result, these facilities can no longer accommodate the growing needs of city operations, therefore the City is has taken significant steps to address this matter. Actions have been taken as early as January 2020 and the City Council and City Staff are working together to achieve new city facilities for employees, residents, business owners and many other stakeholders to enjoy. Through this initiative, the City will model and potentially spur the redevelopment that is desired throughout the Riviera Beach community.

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