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2/16/2022 - Reimagine Riviera Beach Project Update(s)

Reimagine Riviera Beach

In 2019, the Riviera Beach Mayor and City Council created  Riviera Beach 2030-a bold  and strategic vision for the City for the next 10 years. Because of this robust conversation, the Board developed five overarching goals to address key needs throughout the City. These goals are as follows:  achieve  a  sustainable  economy,  build  great  neighborhoods,  accelerate  operational excellence, enhance government stewardship, and strengthen community engagement. These five overarching goals are the fundamental tenets of every goal and objective throughout each of the City's departments. However, to address the community's growing needs and demands, the City had to abandon conventional logic and move forward in an aggressive and innovative matter. This required the City to reimagine itself so that it could capitalize on its rich natural amenities and historical traits to renew, revive, and rebuild a city that is diverse, inclusionary, and innovative. This  progressive,  forward-thinking  approach  builds  on  the  years  of  work  and  effort  that predecessors have made. In addition, it breathes new life into plans, ideologies, and philosophies that had never before been executed or prioritized. "Reimagine Riviera Beach" has emerged as a mantra that looks to address multiple aspects of local government. It addresses old, outdated, and dilapidated facilities as well as wages, benefits, and other elements that have historically been left unaddressed.  This  all-encompassing  approach  looks  to  bring  synergy  to  all  segments  of  the government, from the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, to the City of Riviera Beach Utility Special District, to the City of Riviera Beach itself. This symbiotic relationship is intended to fuse resources and talents from all agencies to move the Agency forward. No longer will we work in silos, because they create duplication and confusion. Rather, we will work in a streamlined and efficient manner that is solely intended to make substantial progress both now and in the future.


"Reimagine Riviera Beach" is the mantra that will carry the City into its centennial year with the goal of bringing modern amenities, facilities, major employment centers, and other benefits to the community. These benefits have traditionally been left out in economic development opportunities. This inclusionary approach looks to address some systemic obstacles by putting in place intentional steps to ensure that businesses, residents, and investors in the City have an opportunity to grow both economically and socially within the community in which they have invested. The "Reimagine Riviera Beach" mantra ensures everyone has a proverbial seat at the table while also accomplishing the City's most robust and aggressive development and redevelopment initiatives in a generation.

Public Safety

Fire Station 88 - 1920 W. Blue Heron

  • City Council approved Resolution 01 - 22, which makes available $20 million to facilitate the commencement of construction on Fire Station 88. Construction activities will commence in early March of 2022 and take approximately 14 months to deliver a 31,000- square-foot, state-of-the-art municipal fire station.


Fire Station 87 - 600 W. Blue Heron

  • City Council adopted Resolution 134 - 21 amending the "Series 2021 Project" bond issuance and renamed it the "Revised Series 2021 Project," which facilitated the transfer of funds from Fire Station 86 to the construction activities associated with Fire Station 87. As such, and as part of last year's legislative session in Tallahassee, the City was successful in receiving a $1 million reimbursable grant from the state of Florida. The monies are intended for an emergency operation center that will facilitate the appropriate space for the emergency management team to operate during a declared, bona fide state of emergency. It is anticipated that at the March 2, 2021, meeting, the City Council will be presented with an item that will facilitate the commencement of predevelopment costs for Fire Station 87 similar to the activities that occurred with Fire Station 88. The anticipated predevelopment costs are projected to be $1.5 million. This project is fully funded.


Fire Station 86 - 5010 N. Ocean Dr.

  • Currently, this particular station is unfunded, and staff is researching the viability of utilizing the existing site to facilitate the reconstruction of Fire Station 86 in the very near future. Concurrently, staff is also looking at the feasibility and practicality of acquiring approximately 1.5 acres of available property for the potential of relocating the station and determining whether it is economically feasible and viable. The existing site has infrastructure items located on it that render the site physically challenging because of the need to relocate the water tank and booster pumps. In addition, the property abuts wetlands and it could present other environmental challenges that would need to be mitigated should we develop on the site. However, staff is conducting a comprehensive analysis with additional information that will be shared once the reports are completed.

Fire Station 89 - 7501 N. Military Trail

  • The City currently leases property from the federal government. The contract is slated to expire on November 8, 2029, and the City staff has worked with representatives from the Biden administration to determine whether entering into another long-term lease agreement for a period of 25 to 50 years is possible, while also looking at facilitating the property acquisition and construction of the new Fire Station 89. Conversations are still developing, but if the City were to utilize that property continuously for the provision of fire services, then the station would need approximately $2 million in interior and exterior renovations to facilitate fire-suppression services in the 21st century. This project is in the early stages and it is currently unfunded.


Riviera Beach - Police Department (existing site)

  • 600 W. Blue Heron - Currently, staff is reviewing options related to the potentiality of relocating the Riviera Beach Police Department to 2001 Broadway. Staff has engaged our financial consultant who is conducting a value-for-money analysis to provide recommendations regarding the cost and benefit to the City as well as reconstructing the police department at its current location or relocating it within the Broadway corridor. Additionally, a structural analysis of the existing property has been commissioned, as well as the economic impact analysis with regard to leaving the station where it is currently located or relocating it to Broadway. Staff is also conversing with the property owner with the intention of providing us with a draft lease agreement to be reviewed and considered as part of this process. The City staff will be advertising for community charrette discussions in the second week of March.


Riviera Beach - Police Substation - 1550 W. 28th St.

  • On February 16, 2022, the City staff will request the City Council authorize the expenditure of $297,000 to facilitate the renovation of the City's first municipal police substation. This particular property will be repurposed with the intent of addressing criminal activities within the area. While utilizing space that has been vacated since the opening of the new municipal library, with 16% of crimes occurring within the area, police officials believe this is an important and strategic location that should have a more visible and active presence within the neighborhood. If approved, the notice to commence construction will be issued  within two weeks, and the facility can be in full operation by the middle of May 2022.

Public Utilities

  • Water Treatment Plant - W. Blue Heron & Ave. L. - At this moment, legal is finalizing the nuances associated with the contract between Haskell Company and CDM Smith ("Team") to put in effect the design and construction of the water treatment plant and public works operational campus. Staff has held a number of internal discussions with the team to move the contract forward. Kickoff meetings were held in November and January to outline the path forward. It is anticipated that the contract should be ready for finalization within the next 30 days, thus resulting in subsequent actions by the City to proceed with the necessary preparation to obtain permits that facilitate site work and limited construction activities on site. Furthermore, staff is developing the necessary documents to facilitate an interlocal agreement and transfer monies received by virtue of the government vis-à-vis the American Recovery Act of $17.5 million to the Utility Special District, as well as to assist in "seed" capital to facilitate construction of a new state-of-the-art municipal water treatment plant and Public Works Campus.


Berkeley Landing

  • Pinnacle  multifamily  developers,  along  with  Wendover  Housing  Partners-one  of  the Southeast's premier multifamily housing developers-will celebrate breaking ground on their upcoming Berkeley Landing project in Riviera Beach on March 1. Berkeley Landing will be a destination community for families  and emerging members  of the workforce along the revitalized Broadway corridor. Completion of Berkeley Landing is expected in late  2023.  The  Riviera  Beach  Community  Redevelopment  Agency  provided  the  local government  with  a  critical  loan  of  $640,000  as  an  initial  investment  to  leverage  the housing credits.  Berkeley Landing will be built by PCDS Construction, an experienced joint  venture  between  D.  Stephenson  Construction,  South  Florida's  largest  minority- owned construction firm, and PC Building, LLC, Pinnacle's construction affiliate. The modern three-story community will feature a mix of 110 one-, two-, and three-bedroom affordable  units  and  two  additional  market-rate  units  attached  to  the  ground-floor, live/work spaces facing Broadway. Each unit will have numerous features and amenities consistent with the high-quality standard for Pinnacle and Wendover developments, which is  to  make  affordable  housing  indistinguishable  from  market-rate  development  with builder-grade, durable, and energy-efficient features  throughout. Apartment homes will include worry-free,  impact-resistant windows  and doors; Energy Star-rated appliances; builder-grade  PVC  blinds  or  solar  shades  for  each  window;  and  USB  ports/plugs  on kitchen countertops and in primary bedrooms. Amenities include a clubhouse, pool and cabanas,  fitness  center,  cyber  lounge,  covered  pavilion,  playground,  and  enclosed  dog walk area. Further, art sculptures will be installed in two civic plazas dedicated to the City along Broadway and Lake Shore Drive as part of the collective effort among the City, Wendover,  and Pinnacle  to  promote the Art  in Public Places  program  and  to beautify residential communities. Berkeley Landing is also coordinating its efforts to lease the two live/work spaces through participation in the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency's  small-business  incubator  program.  Berkeley  Landing  represents  the  largest private investment in the last 10 years that is committed to the Riviera Beach CRA. The development's financing was spearheaded through an allocation of Housing Tax Credits by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, which was leveraged by a contribution from  the Riviera Beach CRA, investment equity raised from syndicating the credits by the National Equity Fund, and construction financing from Bank of America.

FoundCare - 3501 Broadway Ave.

  • On  February  9,  2022,  the  City  Council's  unanimously  approved  term  sheet  was  the mechanism to facilitate additional conversations  with representatives  from FoundCare. The subsequent steps necessary to facilitate the development include a long-term ground lease and a development agreement. Furthermore, both parties will work collaboratively to ensure that the overall design elements are meet as part of the permitting process, as well  as  to  ensure  that  a  modern  building  has  been  constructed  that  will  accentuate beautification efforts the City would like to see in the Broadway corridor. The project is projected to cost $11.4 million to construct, with the City/CRA seeing the activation of two business incubator spaces-valued at approximately $2.85 million-constructed on behalf of and for the City/CRA to use and manage exclusively.


Parks Master Plan

  • The City staff is working with a consultant to finalize the report to obtain policy direction from the City Council in April. Concurrently, staff is working on a master plan to have recreational amenities that are consistent with a scientific survey conducted to provide visual representation of the way the Callaway-Tate recreational complex could look as part of a master planning process.


Avenue E

  • The Avenue E reconstruction capital project is a collaborative effort between the City, CRA, and Utility District. The project was included in the Reimagine Riviera Beach workshops and is planned to be a component of the new City Hall project planned to front on both Broadway and Avenue E.
  • The final plan includes a comprehensive Avenue E Corridor Streetscape report that describes the existing physical environment of the roadway, pedestrian sidewalk system, and adjacent buildings/properties lining the corridor.
  • The report offers recommendations for a potential streetscape, a zoning entitlement, design and development standards, and changes to beautify, enhance, and create an environment that attracts new investment and redevelopment that foster economic vitality within the project area.
  • The report provides a thorough analysis of the nearby significant CRA and City points of interest (the Port of Palm Beach, Riviera Beach Marina, beaches, etc.) that could influence and support recommended improvements within the corridor, further supporting recommended improvements throughout the corridor.
  • The report offers design options within the right-of-way to implement a comprehensive streetscape plan (potentially incorporating complete street concepts and other design solutions), as well as property redevelopment/new development options for the existing developed and vacant properties lining the corridor.

Utility Burial Project

  • The Riviera Beach CRA has actively proceeded in installing underground utility lines to beautify the US-1 Corridor (the Project) within the Community Redevelopment Area. The CRA, as part of the long-range plan and capital improvements for the Broadway Corridor and the Marina District, has embarked on an infrastructure improvement that will remove all overhead facilities in designated phases. Installing underground lines will beautify the US-1 Corridor and protect/harden the utility services.
  • Phase I of the project has been completed for the installation of Level 3, Fiber Light Equipment and Fiber Net utilities, and the burial of overhead lines within Marina Village east of Avenue C. In addition to work associated with the Phase I relocations, significant coordination has been performed to advance the FPL and AT&T final design. The CRA, with the assistance of Chen Moore & Associates, has worked to identify facilities and receive tentative approval for easement acquisitions associated with aboveground service panels, transformers, and other facilities required for the underground relocations.
  • Phase II of the project is currently underway and includes finalization of the required easements, as well as approval of the contract with FPL for the primary underground work and pole removal. The next step of the project will be CRA Board approval of the contract with FPL in the summer of 2022.
  • Impending demolitions - The City staff is working with the contractor to facilitate the continued demolition of the following structures: 2600 Broadway, the old Riviera Beach Public Library, and the Miami Subs Bldg. Complete demolition of the library will begin on February 24, with the previously listed properties being completed in the most appropriate sequential order.


Interlocal Agreement with Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council

  • CRA Plan Update: The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) is preparing a comprehensive update to the 2011 CRA Plan. This includes updating all existing and future redevelopment initiatives, including creation of a new water-quality-enhancement section, as well as updating drawings and plans for the future of the Community Redevelopment Area.
  • Downtown Development Regulations: The TCRPC will review the existing Land Development Regulations for the downtown areas of the CRA and will prepare recommended revisions to those zoning regulations, including changes to the Zoning Map and Comprehensive Plan. TCRPC will work collaboratively with the City Development Services department and CRA staff to prepare the recommendations for review and adoption by the CRA Board and City Council. The work will include input from an updated 2022 Real Estate Market Analysis, which is critical to their work in preparing an update to the 2011 CRA Plan.
  • Redevelopment Incentive Program: The TCRPC will also prepare a Redevelopment Incentive Program for the CRA as a component of the incentive program; in addition, an infrastructure redevelopment incentive based on the future tax revenue of projects will be included. The Board previously reviewed the draft grant incentive but did not approve it, and the amendment will build upon this initial work and include updated incentives to late development.

  • Next Steps: The CRA Plan update is a great opportunity for the Agency to plan for the next 10 years and implement redevelopment using a strategically planned approach, based on new and current market studies with public input and Board direction.
  • The TCRPC will present the above initiatives to the CRA Board at a public workshop scheduled for March 17, 2022. Following this meeting, the amendments will be further developed and prepared for review by the Planning and Zoning Board, CRA Board, and City Council beginning in May 2022.


2600 Broadway Redevelopment Site

  • The CRA Board has contracted with Lambert Advisory Public Private Partnership consultants to analyze the 2600 Broadway development site located on the northeast corner of Broadway and Blue Heron Boulevard. Lambert is preparing for a CRA Board workshop to determine the redevelopment goals for the site so that a competitive public opportunity to select a private redevelopment partner can be issued by the CRA Board with the appropriate incentives. The analysis has calculated that the funding gap to achieve an eight-story, mixed-use development for Board consideration includes additional options for development, as well as an analysis of opportunities to expand the site through site acquisition. The next step is completion of the site-acquisition options, followed by a CRA Board workshop in April.