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1/6/2022 - City is Seeking Your Input on the New Police Station



RIVIERA BEACH, FL. (Jan. 6, 2022) – The City will be seeking community input on
potentially moving the outdated Police Station to Broadway Avenue in a move that could
create synergy between the proposed location for the new City Hall on the corridor.

The City Council at its regular meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 5 gave City staff the
greenlight to explore the move to 2001 Broadway Avenue, which is commonly referred
to as the BB&T Building, from the W. Blue Heron Boulevard location, built decades ago.

The City is planning to host three community charrette meetings, obtain a structural
analysis of the existing facility, develop a proposed term sheet and construction timeline
and provide funding options and a cost-benefit analysis/value-for-money analysis to
present to the Council at a later date.

The parcel on Broadway Avenue is approximately 2.27 acres and the physical
structures on the property equate to about 64,000 square feet. Using the space in a
potential lease to own scenario is also less costly than constructing a new Police
Station, estimated at a $35 million to $45 million price tag.

“This parcel and opportunity are so advantageous for the City because we
conservatively project that acquiring this parcel or some other type of contractual
relationship that involves constructing a facility suitable to our liking will save us
anywhere from $6 million to $7 million,” City Manager Jonathan Evans said. “It will also
save us multiple years in the building process.”

“A suitable public-private partnership can be structured in which the property owner
completely renovates the entire building to meet the community’s growing demands
while providing a 21st-century state-of-the-art facility in close proximity of the proposed
site of the new City Hall that will rival all other Municipal Police Stations in the state,”
Evans added.

Constructing a new Police Station is just one component of the City’s innovative
campaign, entitled “Reimagine Riviera Beach.”

The City plans to reconstruct City Facilities that are in desperate need of attention.
Many of the facilities were built in the 1970s and have not seen any significant
improvements since. As a result, these facilities can no longer accommodate the

growing needs of city operations, therefore the City has taken significant steps to
address this matter. Actions have been taken as early as January 2020 and the City
Council and City Staff are working together to achieve new city facilities for employees,
residents, business owners and many other stakeholders to enjoy.

Through this initiative, the City will model and potentially spur the redevelopment that is
desired throughout the Riviera Beach community.

As part of the initiative, the Utility Special District Board on Nov. 16 selected The
Haskell Company and CDM Smith to replace its current antiquated 63-year-old plant,
800 Blue Heron Blvd., that processes water with outdated technology with a $100
million to $150 million state-of-the-art facility that uses the latest filtration technology the
board will select at a later date.

The City Council also agreed to build a new City Hall at a preferred location on
Broadway Avenue and allocated $1.5 million to make the move from the older facility on
Blue Heron Boulevard. The City plans to break ground on its Centennial Birthday on
Sept. 29, 2022.

Nicole Rodriguez
Public Information Officer
C: 561-281-3422
O: 561-812-6605