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General Employees Pension Board

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Meetings Held:
Last Monday of each month

Composition & Qualifications:
Seven member board - four appointed members (Mayor with confirmation from City Council) and three elected members (by employees). Appointed members must be a resident of the city - City of Riviera Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14, Sec. 14-27(2).

Appointing Authority:
Mayor shall appoint four members with approval of the City Council and the general employees shall elect three members.

Board Term:
Three years

City of Riviera Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14, Article II

To provide for general administration and responsibility for the proper operation of the retirement system.

Liaison Department:
Human Resources Department

Contact Person:
Director of Human Resources
(561) 845-4880

Administration Contact

600 W. Blue Heron Boulevard,
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Office: (561) 845-4000

Council Agenda Briefs