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5/10/2024 - Public Notice Issued For Water Supply Concerns

The City of Riviera Beach Utilities Special District has published a Public Notice, issued by the Palm Beach County Department of Health (DOH), in response to violations identified last year concerning the Riviera Beach water supply.

The Public Notice provides a detailed step-by-step overview of the violations mentioned in the revised warning letter from the DOH. It explains the specific issues identified while excluding those that have been resolved following additional information provided by the Riviera Beach Utilities Special District. This notice underscores the City's commitment to transparency and compliance as it addresses these concerns.

Additionally, the City of Riviera Beach Utilities Special District will release a more detailed report, known as the Level 2 Assessment, as required by law. This report, conducted by Brown and Caldwell, delves into the elements of the water supply to identify potential causes of the incident, highlight areas for improvement, and suggest additional corrective measures. The Utilities Special District is actively working on the corrective actions outlined in the report.

Both the Public Notice and the Level 2 Assessment will be available for public viewing on the City of Riviera Beach's website on May 10th at 2 pm. The City encourages all residents to review these documents to gain a better understanding of the nature of the issues and the steps being taken to ensure the safety and quality of the water supply.

For the full information, please click the links below


Public Notice Issued for Riviera Beach Water Supply Concerns

Revised Total Coliform Rule – Level 2 Assessment Form
Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Revised June 6th SP #38 impacted area is located at the southwestern area of the City's water service area.