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  • The Road Patrol Division is divided into three geographical police districts. Officers provide around-the-clock service, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Uniformed patrol officers respond to approximately 75,000 calls for service per year.  Patrol Officers are the first responders to in-progress calls and are responsible for taking reports, processing minor crime scenes, and making arrests when necessary.  Officers are responsible for traffic enforcement on neighborhood roads and school zones.  Officers conduct business checks and participate in various community policing activities.

    There are officers assigned to the Beachfront area of Singer Island. Their primary function on the beachfront is to enforce the parking ordinances and maintain an open line of communication with the business owners and address their needs to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Singer Island, as well maintain a safe environment for the tourists.


  • The primary duty of the Riviera Beach Police Department Traffic Enforcement Unit is to enforce the traffic laws of the State of Florida and all of the City of Riviera Beach ordinances pertaining to traffic enforcement. The reason for this enforcement is to ensure that everyone traveling on the roadways of the City of Riviera Beach stay as safe and secure as possible.

    The highly specialized unit performs an important function within the Riviera Beach Police Department by supporting the Patrol Division. Traffic enforcement officers assist with all traffic related matters, thus freeing up road patrol officers and allowing them to apply their time to more immediate patrol duties.
  • Civilian CSA’s  handle traffic crashes and the crossing guards ensure the safety of children safely crossing roadways while to and from school.

  • If you have a traffic complaint in your neighborhood, please contact the Riviera Beach Police Department at (561) 845-4123.


  • The K-9 Unit is comprised of four dogs. Two of our dogs are trained in narcotics detection. All K-9s are trained in apprehension work. The dog is the K-9 officer's best tool - let alone best friend. Their primary function is risking their life to save the life of a police officer when faced with danger. The officer and their K-9 partner go through extensive training. All of our teams attend a 420 hour in-service training course which requires a great deal of dedication.

    The K-9 Unit provides demonstrations, on a regular basis, to increase public awareness of what the K-9 Unit does and the services they perform. 

    The Department utilizes the K-9 for building searches, area searches, narcotic searches, article searches, vehicle searches and to assist Patrol officers on routine service calls. The K-9 remains a constant reminder of how important officer safety is.

Marine Unit

The Riviera Beach Marine Unit is responsible for enforcing State, Local and Municipal laws.  The responsibilities of the Marine Unit include ensuring boaters have the required safety equipment, providing rescue to people in distress, and investigating Derelict and At Risk vessels.  They also ensure the safety of boaters and others who enjoy saltwater activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, and fishing.  Duties also include to encourage and enforce conservation efforts through the enforcement of laws related to fishing and boater safety and licensure, to investigate boating accidents and fatalities, as well as other water-borne tragedies including drownings, and to assist in locating missing persons last seen near water bodies or who fell overboard from boats.


The job of a marine patrol officer often includes:
• Investigating Boating Accidents
• Inspecting Boats and Boaters
• Conducting Safety Checks and Checkpoints
• Inspecting and Counting Fish and Fish Species Taken by Fishers
• Assisting in Dangerous Wildlife Removal
• Assisting in Wildlife Rescue and Protection
• Drug Interdiction
• Enforcement of Boating Laws
• Report Writing
• Making Arrests
• Provide Courtroom Testimony



  • The police department's investigation division is divided into three separated but equally important specialized sections, the General Assignment, Crime Scene and Vice. All three units consist of highly trained, well-educated, highly motivated individuals who achieve great satisfaction from investigating, apprehending and incarcerating criminals.


    The Investigation section is responsible for the follow up investigations into all major crimes that occur within the jurisdiction of the City of Riviera Beach. This includes both crimes against property and crimes against persons. The crimes against property sometimes range from burglaries, petit thefts to frauds and extortion. Crimes against persons sometimes range from simple assaults to first-degree homicides. All of the Investigators assigned to this section are dedicated to the protection of children, adults, the elderly and the property of the citizens of the city. The Investigators routinely work closely with the Crime Scene Detectives along with other Investigators from local, state and federal agencies. Once an Investigator is assigned to a case it his/her responsibility to achieve a successful conclusion by exploring all avenues at his/her disposal. The Investigator is responsible for interviewing the victim when possible, interviewing and interrogating the suspect, interviewing witnesses, tracing property and examining evidence. It is also the responsibility of the Investigator to document all of the facts and activity of the case through reports along with affidavits and present them to his/her supervisor for review and to the state Attorney's Office when applicable.


    The crime scene unit is composed of police technicians specially trained in the collection, preservation and documentation of evidence. The police technicians are specially trained in several different methods of processing and lifting latent fingerprints left behind at a crime scene. They also specialize in photography, videotaping, blood spatter patterns, examinations of firearms, projectiles, shell casings and many other forms of evidence left behind by suspects. The police technicians work extremely close with the members of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Crime Lab and many other local, state and federal agencies. 


    The Vice Unit agents identify, investigate and infiltrate street level to mid-level narcotics dealers and their organizations within the City of Rivera Beach. The narcotics agents work closely with other units within the Investigations Bureau as well as local, state and federal authorities.

    The Vice Unit's areas of responsibility include the investigation of prostitution, lewd activity, targeting drug addicts and regulation of alcoholic beverage laws.

    Additional investigations conducted by the Vice Unit include the sale of drug paraphernalia and bootleg videotapes. During investigations of alcoholic beverage laws, the sale of alcoholic beverage to minors is regulated. The Vice Unit works closely with other local, state and federal agencies to monitor illegal activity. Information is gathered daily from citizens of Riviera Beach, which aids in all investigations. The Vice Unit has proven to be very successful in the deterrent of drug abusers attempting to purchase narcotics in the City of Riviera Beach by conducting routine drug reverses, where the abusers are arrested and their vehicles are seized for forfeiture. This becomes very costly for the drug abusers and deters them from entering the city to purchase their drug of choice.


  • The Riviera Beach Police Department’s Reserve and Auxiliary Officer Program is comprised of members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time sworn police officers. Their primary responsibility is to supplement the Department’s efforts in the prevention and detection of crime and the general enforcement of laws while assigned specific police duties. The Reserve and Auxiliary officers will also perform those vital functions that are necessary to assist full-time officers in emergency situations. The Reserve and Auxiliary officers are required to complete much of the same training as full-time officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations.

    At the Riviera Beach Police Department, Reserve and Auxiliary officers are generally retired police officers, but may include certified officers to maintain a level of involvement in law enforcement. These motivated citizens continue to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life in Riviera Beach. Their law enforcement background and expertise coupled with their insight into the city’s neighborhoods enables them to be extremely effective stakeholders for their communities. Their involvement in the community provides the full-time police officers with increased insight into the quality of life issues in the neighborhoods that they patrol routinely.

    At the Riviera Beach Police Department there is a distinction between an Auxiliary Police Officer and a Reserve Police Officer. The Auxiliary Police Officer is employed or appointed without compensation, who aids or assists a full-time or part-time Law Enforcement Officer and who, while under the direct supervision of a full-time Law Enforcement Officer, has the authority to perform law enforcement functions. Whereas, a Reserve Police Officer is considered a part-time Law Enforcement Officer who is employed or appointed less than full-time, with or without compensation, who is vested with the authority to bear arms and make arrests and whose primary responsibility is the prevention and detection of crime or the enforcement of penal, criminal, traffic or highway laws of the state. Both Reserve and Auxiliary Officers are subject to the limitations set forth in the appropriate Florida Statutes.

    How do the Reserve and Auxiliary officers fit into the organization of the Riviera Beach Police Department? The Riviera Beach Police Department Reserve Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all of the Reserve and Auxiliary officers receive the Florida mandated training and firearms qualifications annually. They perform routine day-to-day activities under the supervision and direction of the patrol shift supervisor. Depending upon the specific assignments, the duties may include (but not limited to) the following:

    - Assisting patrol officers in safely directing vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
    - Assist in controlling crowds at major events, gatherings, disasters, and any other special occasions which may cause a large crowd to assemble or traffic to congest.
    - Enforce laws and ordinances directly related to their current assignment.
    - Perform related duties as assigned in support of the Department's various functions
    - The certification process for Auxiliary Officers differs from the process required for Reserve Officers.

    The Auxiliary Officer must meet the following requirements:

    - Successfully complete the 102-hour Auxiliary Officer Prerequisite Course, which includes the 48-hour Medical First Responder Training Course.
    - Successfully complete the 64-hour Criminal Justice Weapons and the 106-hour Criminal Justice
    - Defensive Tactics High Liability Training Courses. The optional 32-hour Vehicle Operations Training Course shall be taught if required by the Department.
    - Successfully complete the Police Auxiliary Certification Examination.

    The Reserve Officer must meet the following requirements:

    - Comply with the eligibility requirements established for full-time police officers.
    - Meet minimum standards established by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.
    - Both Reserve Offices and Auxiliary Officers must comply with mandatory retraining for continuing educational requirements and participate in regular in-service training.

    Candidates for positions as Auxiliary Police Officers or Reserve Police Officers must meet the above listed minimum qualifications and pass all applicable background checks. The Riviera Beach Police Department’s Reserve Program Coordinator and Selection Committee will review the applicants and make a recommendation to the Chief of Police, who is responsible for final approval on all candidates.

    At the Riviera Beach Police Department, both Auxiliary Police Officers and Reserve Police Officers are required to attend the same statutorily required in-service training on the use of lethal and non-lethal weapons as full-time officers. Additionally, they are required to receive training on the use of force and to successfully complete annual firearms qualifications. Occasionally, additional in-service training is identified by the Riviera Beach Police Department as mandatory training, and the Auxiliary Police Officers and Reserve Police Officers will be required to attend.

    For more information, please email Reserve Captain Todd Weicholz, Esq.

    Download Application (Reserve and Auxiliary Applicants Only)


  • The Riviera Beach Police Department is committed to maintaining the integrity of its members and is dedicated to upholding the trust of the community. To preserve that integrity and trust, the department accepts and investigates formal and anonymous complaints from citizens of the community, and from internal sources.

    If, after reading the following information, you have a question about Internal Affairs, or about making a complaint, you may contact any of the offices listed below, or e-mail Internal Affairs Captain.

    About the Internal Affairs Division

    The Office of Internal Affairs exists to investigate complaints about the Riviera Beach Police Department employees. Anyone who has a complaint about an employee can call, send a letter, or send an e-mail message to the Internal Affairs Office.

    Types of Investigations

    The Riviera Beach Police Department has two types of investigations into employee misconduct, by an assigned supervisor or by the Internal Affairs Division.

    An Internal Affairs investigation is conducted when the allegation is criminal misconduct, corruption, brutality, or breach of civil rights. The Internal Affairs unit will also investigate other complaints as directed by the Chief. All other complaints are violations of departmental rules and regulations and are conducted by the member's immediate supervisor or other supervisor as designated by each Division's Commander.

    Complaints may also be lodged, against any employee of the Riviera Beach Police Department at the following:

    The Riviera Beach Police Department
    Attention Internal Affairs
    600 West Blue Heron Blvd.
    Riviera Beach, FL  33404

    When you call, ask to speak to a supervisor. When you call Internal Affairs ask for Captain Vassell.

    Information needed for a complaint

    Have dates, times, names and descriptions available for the investigator at the time of complaint. Provide as much detail as possible. Also provide information about where you may be contacted during the investigation.

    What to expect during the investigation

    After making the complaint, either by phone, mail or in person, the supervisor will tell you who specifically will be conducting the investigation and will also explain to you how to keep in touch with them during the investigation. You may feel free to contact the investigator at any time to inquire about the investigation.

    When the investigation is concluded

    Complainants will receive a written notice with the findings of the investigation. A copy of the entire investigations may be obtained upon request with no cost to the complainant.

    Complainant Obligations

    We will at times ask for sworn recorded testimony. This is not done to discourage complaints, but rather to protect the complainant and ensure that the complaint is investigated to the fullest. We also request complainants do not discuss the complaint or any information provided by the investigating officer during the investigation stage of the complaint. This of course does not apply to discussions between attorney's and their clients.

    The complainant should always be aware that filing a false complaint could result in perjury charges being filed against them.


  • The Communications Section is a combined, full-service police, fire, and medical communications service. Located on the second floor of the Riviera Beach Police Department headquarters, the primary responsibility of the Communications Section is to answer both emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

    Our team of professionals is cross-trained to dispatch Police, Fire and EMS, assuring the most efficient response to all requests for service. For emergency dispatch, always dial 911. For general information, you may dial (561) 845-4123 through 4126. With a staff of 16 professionals, the Communications Section handles over 100,000 calls annually.

    The mission of the Communications Section is to provide the public with rapid response to requests for assistance. The Section also provides supportive functions for police, fire and EMS personnel in the field. The Communications Section is usually the public's first contact in seeking police, fire and medical assistance. Our highly trained, top-notch team of professionals is proud of the level of service they provide.


  • The Records Section provides a variety of services to both the Police Department and the general public. Additionally, the Records Section provides services to outside agencies such as the State Attorney, FBI and other state and municipal police departments. These services include handling all requests for copies of reports and other police documents as well as responding to subpoenas for information. The Records Section receives, codes, enters and files over 13,298 documents each year.

    The section classifies all criminal offense reports and maintains statistical compilations regarding the numbers and types of crimes reported to the Department. This information is utilized internally to provide an ongoing picture of criminal activity within the city. Additionally, this statistical information is forwarded to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) where it becomes part of the national Uniform Crime Report.

    As a public service, the Records Section provides a fingerprinting service for non-criminal purposes such as immigration, employment, and handgun permit applications.

    For Public Records Requests - Click Here

    Does the police department provide a fingerprint service for the public?

    Yes, every Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. the public can be fingerprinted in the Records Section on the first floor of the Police Department. We do perform fingerprinting for immigration or alcohol licenses. This service is provided to Riviera Beach residents only and you must have proof of residency. There is a $7.00 charge for fingerprinting. You must bring your own fingerprint card (we will not supply one). Appointments are generally not needed, however you can receive more information by calling (561) 845-4133.


  • The implementation of the Riviera Beach Police Department "Volunteers in Police Service" has proven to be a valuable tool, greatly appreciated by the City of Riviera Beach and its residents. The Riviera Beach Police Department draws on the time, talents and experience of volunteers to allow officers to better perform their frontline duties. We attempt to match volunteers to jobs according to their strengths and abilities.

    Volunteers need no prior experience. Each division handles its own specialized volunteer training. Performance of duties can lead to increasingly responsible positions. Volunteers usually work in a single division but can assist other divisions as needed. Schedules are flexible. Work continues in all divisions throughout the year.

    Generally, there are no physical requirements for volunteer work; volunteers with physical limitations are welcome. We value our volunteers' diversity of skills, abilities, education, and life experiences which they nobly donate to our community.

    The most effective law enforcement efforts are collaborative partnerships between police and community members. Our volunteers perform a wide variety of duties throughout the department, enabling our paid personnel to concentrate on specialized tasks and better manage their workflow. Some of our programs are volunteer-driven and would not exist without them! We provide our volunteers with on-the-job training, enabling them to achieve their peak performance in service to the City of Riviera Beach.

    Some of the duties currently being performed by volunteers include:

    - patrolling neighborhoods and shopping centers to report suspicious activity
    - assisting citizens with questions
    - patrolling the area of schools
    - performing clerical assignments
    - data entry
    - assisting at special events
    - issuing courtesy notices
    - staffing information booths
    - distributing important flyers
    - delivering newsletters
    - answering telephones
    - assist Neighborhood Watch coordinators
    - vacation house checks
    - senior citizen checks
    - assist in searching for missing persons

    The VIPS Program was established in 2002 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs, U. S. Department of Justice. The VIPS Program provides support and resources for agencies interested in developing or enhancing a volunteer program and for citizens who wish to volunteer their time and skills with a community law enforcement agency. The program’s ultimate goal is to enhance the capacity of state, local, tribal, and campus law enforcement agencies to utilize volunteers through the provision of no-cost resources and assistance. The program’s website,, serves as a gateway of information for law enforcement agencies and citizens interested in law enforcement volunteer programs.

    To apply, download the below application.  We hope to hear from you soon!

    Volunteers In Police Service Application

Community Oriented Policing Unit

  • “The City of Riviera Beach Police Department Community-Oriented Policing Unit is committed to increasing community safety. We rely on cooperation and coordination of public safety activities with all stakeholders within our city.
    Building trust, strengthening legitimacy, improving cooperation and coordination of activities are crucial to community stability. Furthermore, the strategy mentioned above reinforces the integrity of our criminal justice system and helps to provide effective and efficient police services.
    Community-Oriented Policing has emphasized the increased interaction with the communities we serve, through neighborhood association meetings, inner-city cultural activities, and community youth sporting events. The diversity of representation of such communities, with a particular emphasis on gender, ethnic, religious, cultural, and livelihood diversity, are amongst the most critical assets for sustainable community- oriented policing.
    For the Riviera Beach Police Department to be efficient and effective in exercising its duties and responsibilities, it is of critical importance that such obligations are discharged in compliance with set policies that reflect values of the community.”

  • This objective aims to continue the advancement of a partnership between the Riviera Beach Police Department and The City of Riviera Beach stakeholders to coordinate activities and exchange relevant information for the prevention and combating of crime.

  • This objective is aimed at improving police service quality, which in turn would influence the improvement of trust and satisfaction of citizens with police work. Through this objective, RBPD aims to provide professional, efficient, and effective services to improve accountability before our citizens, stakeholders, and visitors.
    Individuals who live, work, and play or otherwise have an interest in the community as a volunteer, activists, formal and informal community leaders, residents, visitors, tourists, and commuters—are a valuable resource for identifying community concerns. These factions of the community can help achieve specific goals at town hall meetings, neighborhood association meetings, and storefronts in the city.
    Advocacy and community-based organizations that provide services to the community and advocate on its behalf can be powerful partners. These groups often work with or are composed of individuals who share common interests and can include such entities as victim groups, service clubs, support groups, issue groups, advocacy groups, community development corporations, and the Faith-Based community.
    For-profit businesses also have a significant stake in the health of the community. They can be critical partners because they often bring considerable resources to bear in addressing problems of mutual concern. Businesses can help identify issues and provide support for responses, often including their security technology and community outreach. The local chamber of commerce and visitor centers can also assist in disseminating information about police and business partnerships, initiatives, and crime prevention practices.



2051 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404

Phone (Non-Emergency): 561-845-4123
Emergency: 911