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Procurement Department

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The City of Riviera Beach is committed to obtaining  quality goods and services with integrity, competitiveness,  and innovation.   As a steward of government funds,  the objective of the City's Procurement Department is to make acquisitions based on the best value and that ensures continuity of  City government operations.



The Procurement Department serves internal departments and external business partners with the  highest level of professionalism, innovation, and technology using Six Sigma lean practices and the best sourcing methodologies. 

Our team aims to continually improve the procurement process by  fostering partnerships, promoting open competition, and educating City staff as well as individuals and business entities interested in doing business with the City.  By partnering internally and externally, we create economies of scale benefitting the community, City,  and businesses.  

The Procurement Department has the centralized function of monitoring and conducting all procurement processes to support the operations of most city agencies.

  • Administrative Offices
  • Police Department
  • Fire Rescue
  • Parks Division
  • Riviera Beach Public Library
  • Public Works Department
  • Utility District
  • Municipal Marina




1481 West 15th Street

Phone: (561) 845-4180 



Glendora Williams, BA  

Senior Procurement Specialist
Email address:
Phone: 561.845.3477


Desai Sawyers, MBA

Email address:
Phone: 561.845-3480


Tanisha Boynton BA

Senior Procurement Specialist
Email address:
Phone: 561.845-3479