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Dear Community Stakeholders,

Happy Easter Sunday, Riviera Beach! You might spend this day for painting Easter eggs, hosting

Easter egg hunts for the children in your family, or indulging in some of the Easter candy and

chocolates that are available in many of our local grocery stores. May you enjoy all of these

moments, as they are precious and valuable as we celebrate this holiday. This day commemorates

and recognizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is the most special day of the year for the

significance it has for the faith-based community, as it communicates hope and the ultimate

sacrifice to wash away the sins of all humankind – past, present, and future. Whether you are a

believer or someone who merely enjoys the colors of spring, these days and moments should be

an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable sacrifices that are being made as we operate in this new

normal. We are truly grateful and blessed to have exceptional individuals who are willing to make

the ultimate sacrifice for our safety despite never knowing us. They run toward danger, they root

out oppression, and they care for the sick, weak, vulnerable, and elderly without seeking accolades

and accommodations. They do it because of their love for humankind and the hope that it will be

paid forward to their loved ones, friends, and family members. Our current circumstances are

temporary, but the scars from this pandemic will be permanent. However, it is not stronger than

us, and it will not break us. A scar merely communicates that you were stronger than whatever

tried to hurt you.

In closing, let us celebrate this Easter Sunday and rejoice in its meaning, whatever that may be, as

well as how grateful and thankful we are for the individuals who have made so many sacrifices

throughout this long journey for us as a nation. Let us not become complacent and complicit; let

us be more resilient and grateful as human beings, as we will get through this together. As this

resurrection day provides us hope and solace to know that we are loved, revered, and appreciated

from the depths of the ocean to the heavens above, please enjoy


Humbly Submitted,

Jonathan Evans, City Manager, MPA, MBA, ICMA-CM

Riviera Beach