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The purpose of this memorandum is to provide clarification regarding continuous rumormongering and scare tactics that are being articulated concerning outsourcing. Let me be abundantly clear, there has not, nor will there be, any outsourcing of city services. We value the commitment and contribution that each of you makes as employees, and we will work diligently with you to ensure that the city remains solvent. Individuals who continue to articulate and share propaganda concerning the outsourcing of municipal operations do so with ulterior motivations. Neither the City Council nor city administration cares even to entertain such options, and those who continue to perpetuate these rumors not only scare the community but also such rumors jeopardize the progress that we are poised to make together as one cohesive team. Are there opportunities for efficiencies? Yes. Are there cost-saving measures that the city must consider in subsequent years? Absolutely. When you became an employee, the arrangement was simple: Provide superior services that enhance the quality of life for our residents, and you will be compensated appropriately and respected for the services that you provide to the residents, visitors, and businesses of the city. You should not fear the arrangement changing or the organization turning its back on you. It is my commitment that we remain a solvent city that understands the value of our municipal workforce and does everything to ensure that we progress in an efficient and effective manner. We are one city, with one precise and clear vision that this is our city and that we will solve and resolve all problems and no outside agency is going to outcompete, out work or outperform our exceptional employees.


In closing, if there are city employees who are assisting in perpetuating this vicious and manipulative rumor, then I ask that you immediately cease and desist from that behavior. I will personally make it a point to debate, articulate, and address any and every one who continues to perpetuate these falsehoods. No employee should ever have to worry about whether or not the


department, the division, or the services they provide are going to be stripped away. It is important also to know that in the council–manager form of government, which the City of Riviera Beach has been since 1922, the city manager recommends and the City Council adopts public policy. So, no single administrator has ever possessed the power to contract out services without the explicit direction of the legislative body (i.e., the City Council). Lastly, please just focus on the things that need to be accomplished for the city to move forward, and do not let outsiders and naysayers impact the progress that we are poised to make.


End of Transmission.