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9/11/2019 - WE SHALL NEVER FORGET 9-11


Please remember that 18 years ago today, our nation faced what is arguably the most horrific events on sovereign US soil. Our way of life and American ideologies were challenged as cowards attempted to shake our nation to its core. We lost thousands of great individuals, ranging from first responders to the individuals who perished as a result of this terrorist attack. This horrific event impacted thousands of families, but we must never forget those whom we have lost and what we have fought so hard to protect—and that is the ability to live in a nation that is free and provides opportunities for all. Our form of government may not be perfect, but we remain a beacon of hope and prosperity for many nations and people all over the world. I ask you on this day to take the opportunity to utter the words “we shall never forget.” Those words should be ingrained in who we are as a nation. The family members, friends, and courageous first responders who still deal with the health ailments associated with the terrorist attack are our heroes, and you represent everything that makes this nation great. And to our military personnel, we are so grateful for and blessed by the sacrifices that you have made and continue to make to make this nation the home of the free because of the brave.

 In closing, and on behalf of the elected leadership and city administration, we will never forget. We will celebrate the lives of those whom we lost, and we will continue to remember that we as a nation will sometimes bend, but we shall never break.