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8/6/2019 - Free chlorine flush starting Friday morning , August 16, 2019 through Friday , August 30, 2019

accordance with a program recommended by the Health Department, the City of Riviera Beach

Water Utility District will conduct a "free chlorine flush", of the water system starting Friday

morning, August 16, 20 19 through Friday, August 30, 20 19. During this free chlorine flush, the

disinfection process will be changed from chloramines to free chlorine. Free chlorine is a stronger

and faster-acting disinfectant. The city will accomplish this strictly precautionary measure to ensure

that our drinking water supply remains free of bacteria which forms on surfaces in contact with water.


These surfaces include water storage tanks and water pipes leading to houses.

• Possible Noticeable Effects: It is important to understand that during this temporary change there

may be some discoloration or cloudiness in the water and possibly a slight chlorine odor or taste.

If you experience this situation, you may want to run the water through the tap until it clears. Also,

if you are especially sensitive to the taste or odor of chlorine, keep an open container of drinking

water in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Utility District staff

will conduct fire hydrant flushing to remove the majority of the color and odor, but some may

reach customer lines during the process. These are temporary conditions and will not cause adverse

health effects.

• Is the Water Safe to Drink? Yes, the water is safe to drink throughout this process. Any odor and

color issues will be nuisance only, which will subside as the flushing is completed. Discoloration in

laundry is possible during this time. Avoid using chlorine bleach in your laundry during this time.

Users of home dialysis machines, owners of tropical fish and managers of restaurants with fish

and shellfish holding tanks are advised to seek professional advice as the method of removing

chlorine residuals differ from removing chloramine residuals from tap water.

During normal business hours residents and businesses may call (561) 845-4185 with any questions

concerning the free chlorine burnout. The City of Riviera Beach Utility District appreciates the

patience and understanding of its residents as it works to further improve the quality of the water for

all customers.

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