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3/30/2017 - UPDATE County Health Department: Our water's clean



RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE:  The county health department says the sample they gathered from the street testing site had acceptable levels for chlorine and odor. The bacteria level is at an acceptable level.


A water investigation is underway after a viewer called NewsChannel 5 saying the Rivera Beach water they get at their home isn't safe.

"You can see the different color in the water. It's not clear. That water's green," says resident Lennie Willis.

She says she complained about it earlier this year, with a sample. "I took water to them in January," she said.

But so far, hasn't heard from them.

Not taking any chances her family drinks exclusively from water bottles.

Not quite sure what we were looking at, we went across the street to her neighbor's house.

"There's some slight discoloration in the water," says the woman who lives across the street. "They seem to not want to do anything about it."

She showed us this wine glass filled up with tap water. Hard to tell if it was green or not.

Her family too, only drinks out of water bottles.

Another neighbor had the same problem.

"It was green last night," the neighbor says.

They too only drink out of water bottles.

"We're concerned anytime someone says there is an issue with their water," says Rose Anne Brown, Riviera Beach spokesperson.

On Friday, we took their complaint to the Riviera Beach water utility.

"We conducted some extensive testing in the facilities to determine if there were any issues, problems or whatever. The water tested great," Brown says.

She says this is the first they had heard of their complaints.

They are prepared to take their testing one step further.

"We would go into the customer's home if thy would permit us," Brown says.

Willis likes that idea.

"They can do that," Willis said. "I just want them to do what's right, keep us healthy out here."

NewsChannel 5 also contacted the health department who tested the water Wednesday. A spokesperson said it would take at least 24 hours to get a result.



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