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5/28/2024 - CRA Executive Director Open Position Apply Now!

Job Summary

The Executive Director position for the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is an executive leadership role that reports exclusively to the Board of Commissioners of the CRA, who also serves as the City Council. This role works closely with the City Manager for Riviera Beach and members of the executive leadership team on both the CRA and City side. 


The Executive Director position is highly autonomous and involves planning, initiating, directing and administrative responsibilities in handling the day-to-day operations for the CRA. With approximately 29 FTE’s and a budget of $16,641,758, the agency has the resources and capacity to advance the collective vision of the Board and the community. The goal is to effectively eradicate slum and blight within the CRA District and promote economic growth within the City of Riviera Beach. 


The Executive Director will be entrusted with spearheading redevelopment activities within the CRA corridor until the conclusion or sunset of the CRA which will be on September 30, 2039. During this period, it is the Board’s desire to see significant redevelopment with the Broadway corridor and the surrounding areas with the CRA. The CRA is actively and continuously pushing for workforce and affordable housing. 


The salary for this position is competitive with executive leadership in Palm Beach County, with a starting salary of $120,000 - $200,000, along with other ancillary benefits. The individual in this role will serve as a teammate with their municipal counterparts to pursue, attract, retain, and develop economic revitalization efforts within the CRA district. 


This position will be open until June 28, 2024.


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CRA Executive Director job posting, please send all cover letters and resumes to Sherley Desir, Office Administrator at