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5/16/2024 - No Boil Water advisory for Riviera Beach



RIVIERA BEACH, FL. (May 16, 2024) – The City of Riviera Beach Utility Special District did not issue a Boil Water Advisory Notice on yesterday, May 15, 2024. However, a Boil Water Advisory Notice was issued by the Port of Palm Beach to its tenants.


The City of Riviera Beach treats and provides the water to the Port of Palm Beach to the Port’s internal water distribution system.


Thereby, in an effort to ensure public safety and maintain transparency, the City of Riviera Beach's Utility Special District assisted the Port of Palm Beach and undertook a comprehensive water quality assessment the morning of May 15, 2024. In addition, and to take caution, staff of the Utility Special District tested the City’s water.


Laboratory results of samples were taken from the Port's plumbing system and the Utility Special District water distribution system and the results were received during the afternoon of May 16, 2024. The Utility Special District staff are assisting the Port this evening to resolve the issue. They will attempt to disinfect the building’s plumbing system.


Summary of results:


  • Three of the four samples taken were total coliform-positive. These included the 2 internal samples taken at the Port and 1 external sample from the Port.
  • There were no E. coli-positive samples.
  • The sample taken at 1124 Avenue C was absent for both total coliform and E. coli.


It is important to note that every month, the Utility Special District takes routine samples of water from the distribution system outside of the Port. The analysis report is then reported to the operators of the Margaritaville vessel. The last samples were taken April 18, 2024, and the results were satisfactory.


For media inquiries and more information, please contact:

Brittany Collins

Public Information Officer

C: 561-371-1533