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10/3/2023 - A Glimpse into the Life of Acting Sgt. Latoya Wright-Ambersley

Empowering Communities: A Glimpse into the Life of Acting Sgt. Latoya Wright-Ambersley

In the heart of Riviera Beach, there's a dedicated officer who has spent nearly a decade serving the community with unwavering commitment and a passion for teaching and learning. Meet Acting Sgt. Latoya Wright-Ambersley, a remarkable individual who plays a pivotal role in the Riviera Beach Police Department.

Acting Sgt. Wright-Ambersley has been an integral part of the Riviera Beach Police Department for nearly nine years. With 8 years and 11 months of service under her belt, she brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role.

Job Title: Acting Supervisor on the Delta Shift

Currently, she serves as the Acting Supervisor on the Delta Shift, a role that places her at the forefront of law enforcement operations. In this position, she shoulders significant responsibilities that are essential to the smooth functioning of the department.

Her primary responsibility is to act on behalf of the agency. She takes on a leadership role to assist with problem-solving, guiding officers in their daily procedures, and ensuring that everything aligns with the agency's policies and procedures. Her role is pivotal in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism within the department.

Passion for Teaching and Learning

What sets Acting Sgt. Wright-Ambersley apart is her passion for teaching. Teaching has always been her first love, and she's found a way to intertwine it with her law enforcement career. Policing is a field that involves constant learning, and she embraces this aspect wholeheartedly. Learning something new every day and sharing that knowledge with her colleagues and the community is what keeps her passion alive.

"I am always eager to learn something new and, in return, teach others what I have learned, which helps to bring my passion alive," she says with enthusiasm.

The Drive to Make a Difference

Acting Sgt. Wright-Ambersley, says the driving force that led her into law enforcement was her desire to be a part of positive change.

"I know it sounds cliche, but I wanted to make a difference," she explains. "I love helping people and changing the way people view police officers, showing them the human side. That we are not robots and we are here to help. The fulfillment I feel when I'm able to assist someone is priceless."

Acting Sgt. Latoya Wright-Ambersley's journey in law enforcement is a testament to her unwavering dedication to both her community and her passion for teaching and learning. In her role, she continues to make a meaningful impact, fostering positive change and bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community she serves. Her story serves as an inspiration to all who aspire to create a better, safer world through service and education.