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9/6/2023 - Reimagine Community Safety: Riviera Beach Police Department's Innovative Approach

Reimagine Community Safety: Riviera Beach Police Department's Innovative Approach

In a determined bid to restore security and vitality to the streets, Chief Michael Coleman of the Riviera Beach Police Department (RBPD) has initiated a novel strategy. Rather than solely tackling criminal activity, he recognizes the importance of enhancing the overall quality of life within the community.

"Crime and criminals thrive on the decline of our community. We have shifted our focus to counteracting this decline by removing negative elements, such as litter, dilapidated vehicles, decaying structures, and neglected sidewalks. Even things that may seem like minor tasks like cutting grass contribute to our efforts in line with the broken window theory," explained Chief Coleman.

This visionary endeavor, known as the Reimagine Community Safety Task Force (RCST), extends to encompass the collaborative efforts of our faith-based community. By uniting to create safer neighborhoods within the city limits, this initiative aims to bolster Victim Services, establish Neighborhood Watch Officers, promote Crime Reporting, and foster Community Engagement with Faith-Based organizations. This approach allows for flexibility in tailoring the program's components as needed.

Crucially, the Reimagine Community Safety Task Force is more than just a standalone endeavor; it functions as an integral part of a larger partnership involving various prominent groups within the city. This collaborative approach is set to yield a cascade of positive changes that will reverberate throughout the community.

The core strategy of the initiative involves a meticulous step-by-step process, beginning with addressing minor issues before cascading into larger transformations. This domino effect, engineered to tackle challenges in stages, will ultimately lead to comprehensive revitalization and upliftment for the community.

Central to the initiative's success are the efforts of RBPD officers, who will not only prioritize public safety but also take a comprehensive approach to combating criminal activities. Their seamless collaboration with other city departments ensures that a united front is presented to the challenges at hand.

In a landscape where law enforcement often shoulders the responsibility of crime control, Chief Coleman's approach is a breath of fresh air. By considering the broader canvas of community well-being, the Reimagine Community Safety Task Force has the potential to create lasting impact. This approach transcends conventional notions of policing by addressing the root causes of crime and embedding a sense of civic pride and responsibility.

As the Reimagine Community Safety Task Force takes its first steps, it embarks on a journey to transform Riviera Beach into a beacon of safety, unity, and prosperity. By emphasizing collaboration, incremental progress, and a holistic perspective, Chief Coleman and RBPD are paving the way for a brighter future—one that prioritizes the well-being of every resident and breathes new life into the community's shared spaces.


Serena Spates
Communications Specialist/Public Information Officer
Riviera Beach Police
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