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8/7/2023 - Police Major Set to Begin 12-Week Top Law Enforcement Training Course
Exciting News Alert!  We are proud to announce that Major Gordon is about to embark on an incredible journey to further enhance his skills as a law enforcement leader!  On August 14th, Major Gordon will be reporting for duty at one of the top law enforcement training courses in the country. This course, known as the Administrative Officers Course, is a rigorous twelve-week in-residence program. During this time, Major Gordon will engage in an extensive 480-hour curriculum that will shape him into an informed and effective leader at an executive level.
In this accredited college-level program, Major Gordon will be exposed to the latest techniques, strategies, and best practices, ensuring that he can make well-informed decisions in complex situations.  We have no doubt that Major Gordon's dedication, expertise, and commitment will enable him to successfully complete this program and bring back invaluable knowledge to our team at Riviera Beach PD. He is truly an asset to our organization, and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated individual leading us into the future.  Please join us in congratulating Major Gordon on this exciting opportunity!
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