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7/13/2023 - 3rd Annual Sound Minds Conference
A MINORITY MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH EVENT 3rd Annual rooted SOUND MINDS inreality Mental Health Awareness & Solutions Conference Hybrid Event THU JULY 13 2023 ATTEND IN PERSON OR ONLINE 12-6 PM ET IN PARTNERSHIP WITH one or more council members mav be in attendance at this event. LIVE FROM RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA Riviera Beach Marina Village Event Center MENTAL HEALTH AFFECTS ALL OF US! Mental health professionals and advocates with hearts to help are coming together for transparent, life-changing conversations. Make it a priority to attend! We must educate and empower ourselves to better support people suffering in our families and communities. Rachel Brinkley Horace Towns COSMOS ORCO ONES All R. Rogers Octavius Rogers Kimberly Nyesha Smith Dr rAVIOr GAIA Virtual Host Neesha Stringfellow Councilman Douglas Lawson Traci Cartwright Bovsaw Thomas J. Simmons lIlI Ezsa Allen MS, MHC ????? ReICIMIDE Sessions Include: • We Can't Hide From Suicide • A Rollercoaster Ride: Mental Health & Addiction • Who's Caring For The Caregiver? • Bruh Check-In: Carrying The Weight of Manhood • Grief: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly • Protecting Your Sanity: Making Sure You're Good REGISTER NOW. Comp Registration Code for Riviera Beach Residents: LAWSON