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4/24/2023 - Chairperson Lawson Mental Health Community Forum

Please be advised that two or more elected officials may be present.

The Offices of Councilman Douglas Lawson & Officially Ezsa With Mind Over You, INC Presents: Caring for Caregivers CAREGIVERS- CARETAKERS• NURSES• FIRST RESPONDERS Ezsa Allen @OfficiallyEzsa How to battle depression, anxiety, ptsd, burnout and stress from being a caretaker / caregiver of a member suffering from a terminally ill disease, a disability, or someone with a serious mental health illness. Understanding the grieving process and how to cope with the death of a love one or constantly dealing with death due to your career. Learning healthy skills and techniques to maintain a positive mindset and overall well being. Talk therapy helps us to process heal and grow from the many stressors of life. Remember.. • You must take care of you first, before you can take care of anyone else TUESDAY, APRIL 25m, 2023 • 6:00PM - 8:00PM - • RIVIERA BEACH MARINA 190 E 13TH ST, RIVIERA BEACH, FL 33404 More Information @OfficiallyEzsa Text 561.888.0386 Mind How COUNCILMAN DOUGLAS LAWSON GRIMERA Food, music, raffle and lots of free resources will be provided