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4/10/2023 - Riviera Beach Heirs Property Kick-off event
Heir property is property that is passed to family members by inheritance. This can be done with or without a will or estate planning strategy. Normally, this occurs when a person passes without a will (intestate) to individuals who may be deemed as heirs of the property. The only way to resolve heirs' property title issues is through a legal process. The Heirs' Property Initiative is designed to: Assist heirs' property owners clear the title to their property, including assistance with any related probate proceeding Help heirs avoid such property issues by providing education and access to resources, like basic estate planning as the preparation of wills Train heirs on property financial literacy Participants will have an opportunity to consult with an attorney from the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County.The Kick-Off events for the initiative are set for: April 27, 2023 @Library, 5:30pm-7:30pm April 29, 2023 @Library, 10:00am-12:30pm