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10/20/2022 - Utility Special District Conducting Free Chlorine Flush



RIVIERA BEACH, FL. (Oct. 20, 2022) – The City of Riviera Beach is set to commence a “Free Chlorine Flush” Project beginning on Monday, November 7 and last until Sunday, November 20.


During this time, utility customers and residents may experience some discoloration in the water and a slight chlorine odor or taste. Please be advised that this is normal and the water is safe to drink and use during this process, which was recommended by the State Department of Health.


The City of Riviera Beach Utility Special District is consistently undertaking activities that serve to strengthen its water treatment and distribution services.


Free Chlorine Flushing is a temporary disinfection process using free chlorine. This process is used because free chlorine is a stronger and faster-acting disinfectant than the combined treatment usually in use. The Utility uses this process strictly as a precautionary measure to ensure that our drinking water distribution system remains in the best possible condition. Once the free chlorine flush is complete the system will revert to the standard combined disinfection system.


For more information, please refer to the attached document entitled


Frequently Asked Questions About Free Chlorination.”



Nicole Rodriguez

Public Information Officer

C: 561-281-3422

O: 561-812-6605