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9/23/2022 - Hurricane Preparedness Construction Industry

To All Construction Industry Partners:


The Atlantic storm season is here. While we have been spared significant storm damage in recent years, we must remain vigilant in our preparations for a major storm event.

Specific language in the Florida Building Code (FBC) relative to hurricane preparedness includes the following:

  • • Section 110.9 of the PBC Amendments to the FBC prohibits any adverse impacts caused by construction on adjacent properties and specifically references the storage of construction debris and materials.
  • • Section 3301.2 of the FBC requires equipment and materials to be stored and placed as to not endanger the public, the workers or adjoining property for the duration of the construction project.
  • • Section 115 of the PBC Amendments to the FBC authorizes the building official to issue a stop work order when work on any building is being performed in a dangerous or unsafe manner.

Accordingly, every permit holder and subcontractor in the City of Riviera Beach must adhere to the following:

  1. Upon issuance of a tropical storm or hurricane watch for our area by the National Weather Service, immediate actions should be undertaken to secure/prepare a project/site for the potential effects of a storm event. Remember, preparations should also include actions to prevent debris drift and chemical contamination in anticipation of potential flooding caused by excessive rain. Ordinary activity may continue, if these actions are being taken.
  2. Upon the issuance of a tropical storm or hurricane warning for our area by the National Weather Service all normal construction activities are ordered to cease except for those activities directly necessary to secure a project or site in preparation for a storm event.
  3. All regulated work may resume once the storm has passed and the prevailing winds drop below tropical storm force (40 mph) at the site.

Further, please distribute this communication to all of your members and urge them to remind their coworkers of the need to help mitigate potentially dangerous construction scenarios.

Meanwhile, feel free to contact me directly with concerns or questions as I am available to assist as necessary.  My contact information is 561-845-4008 or



Michael Grimm, CBO, CFM

Building Official