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2/9/2022 - Residents could receive quality health care





RIVIERA BEACH, FL. (Feb. 9, 2022) – Accessible, quality health care to the

uninsured and underserved, offering services such as dentistry, behavioral,

primary care and an on-site pharmacy, could be coming to the City.


The City Council in a unanimous vote at its Feb. 2 regular meeting agreed to

negotiate a round lease and development agreement upon its approval of a

preliminary term sheet with FoundCare, a Florida not-for-profit corporation

community-based health care provider. FoundCare, a Federal Qualified Health

Center, receives federal funds to provide primary care services in underserved

areas. FoundCare delivers a comprehensive range of services including adult

primary care, pediatric primary care, chronic disease, women’s health, behavioral

health, adult/pediatric dentistry, infectious disease, testing for HIV and Hepatitis

C, social services, x-Rays and on-site pharmacy services, hopes to construct an

$11.4 million, 20,000-square-foot medical facility at 3501 Broadway Avenue

within 18 to 24 months.


The site would include a $2.85 million business incubator funded by FoundCare

for use of the City and its Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), according

to the term sheet. It is the medical provider’s expectation to serve 13,000 unique

patients, equating to 33,000 annual visits at the proposed location.

“The work that we do is really fantastic and I hope to bring it to your community,

because I think your community deserves that and more,” FoundCare CEO

Christopher Irizarry told the Council, adding the life expectancy of a Riviera

Beach resident is 69 compared to 81 in the rest of the county.


“That’s not right. That’s not fair. We want to do something about that,” Irizarry



The proposed location for the medical facility was formerly known as the J&B

Motel and Schooners Motel. It is located on the west side of Broadway, directly

south of McDonald’s. The City in 2015 instituted a code enforcement foreclosure

lawsuit against the owners and purchased the property for $500,000. The

property remains vacant.


The FoundCare team has been working with the City and Community

Redevelopment Agency (CRA) staff to develop a proposal and preliminary term

sheet to build a facility that provides accessible, quality health care services to

underserved area residents.


Working collaboratively with the FoundCare team, the City and CRA staff have

developed a conceptual site plan that would meet the City’s zoning requirements

and bring a project that adds to creating a walkable pedestrian-friendly

environment along the Broadway Corridor. The facility would generate 35 jobs

and would also provide transportation to patients. FoundCare, born out of the

AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, also provides services to those with insurance and

uses a sliding payment scale for those who do not.


“I am so excited that the City is moving forward with the promise of a newly

constructed health and wellness center for our residents,” Council Chairwoman

Shirley Lanier said. “Having access to affordable healthcare will increase health

outcomes for our residents, which in turn promotes healthy communities.”

Council Chair Pro-Tem KaShamba Miller-Anderson echoed Lanier’s sentiment.

I am overjoyed to welcome FoundCare, a federally qualified health center, to our

community to provide our residents with exceptional care. Bringing a health care

center of this magnitude to our city is only the beginning of many projects that the

residents and business community can be proud of.


The Preliminary Term Sheet was devised to guide the lease agreement

negotiation between the City and FoundCare. The intent of the non-binding term

sheet is to address material terms to be included in the lease agreement. One

component of the term sheet stipulates up to 99 years with the leased premises

being returned to the City, including all improvements, at lease end; extended

only upon agreement of both parties and continuous use and occupancy as a

health center.


According to the term sheet, FoundCare, which has 7 locations in the county, is

responsible for the design, engineering and construction of improvements. The

City has the right to review design, construction and conceptual plans that are

submitted to the City and CRA for review. The term sheet also requires

development approvals be obtained from the City, including any amendments to

the comprehensive plan and site plan approvals.


The terms of the development could come back before the City Council for

consideration in approximately the next two months.


Term Sheet Information: 


For more information on FoundCare, please visit



Nicole Rodriguez

Public Information Officer

C: 561-281-3422

O: 561-812-6605