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12/24/2021 - The 2nd Annual Kwanzaa Bash Sunday, Dec. 26
RIVIERA BEACH, FL. (Dec. 24, 2021) – The City of Riviera Beach is coming together on Sunday, Dec. 26 to celebrate the storied history of African Americans on the start of Kwanzaa.

The 2nd Annual Kwanzaa bash at Marina Village Promenade, 190 E. 13th Street, from 10.m. to 3 p.m., will boast live storytelling, poetry, art, the regularly scheduled TikiMarket and more.

Each activity will commemorate the contributions African Americans have made to this country and celebrate their rich culture.

“The seven principles of Kwanzaa teach all in the great City of Riviera Beach that when we come together to strengthen our families and communities by honoring the lessons of the past, we can face the future with confidence,” City Council Chairwoman Shirley Lanier said.

Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration of life from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1. Kwanzaa has similarities with Thanksgiving in the U.S. or the Yam Festival in Ghana and Nigeria. The word "Kwanzaa" is a KiSwahili (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania) word meaning “first.”

Five common sets of values are central to the activities of the week: ingathering, reverence, commemoration, recommitment and celebration. The seven principles of Kwanzaa utilize Kiswahili words: unity (umoja), self-determination (kujichagulia), collective work and responsibility (ujima), cooperative economics (ujamaa), purpose (nia), creativity (kuumba) and faith (imani). Like Hannukah, candles are used to represent concepts of the holiday. Each of the seven candles signify the principles. Happy Kwanzaa