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11/18/2021 - Riviera Beach Police is receiving a substantial grant


RIVIERA BEACH, FL. (Nov. 17, 2021) – The Riviera Beach Police is
receiving a substantial grant to ensure its long-range goal intended to
reduce the number of victims of violent crimes and to develop a network of
support services to assist victims is achieved.

The Riviera Beach City Council on Nov. 17 approved the Policer
Department receive the Victims of Crime Act Grant (VOCA) to also to
continue the Department's Crisis Response Services focusing on areas
such as homicide, domestic violence, child death incidents, and elderly
victimization and to provide on-site crisis response, crisis intervention, and
supportive assistance along with responding officers and investigators.
“Our team of advocates provide vital services to victims of crime and stepin
after police officers have left in order help those victims deal with the
aftermath,” Assistant Police Chief Michael Madden said. “Most victims have
very little knowledge of the criminal justice system, therefore they rely on
victim advocates to help them navigate through the system, as well as
helping them recover emotionally and sometimes financially. We are
thankful for the opportunity to continue our grant partnership with the Office
of the Attorney General.”

The Riviera Beach Police Department submitted an application for funding
to the Office of the Attorney General to continue the Victim Advocate
Program for 2021/2022. For the past 15 years, the City of Riviera Beach
has applied for, and been awarded funds from the Office of the Florida
Attorney General VOCA Grant for the Victim Advocate Program. The Victim
Advocate Program has provided services to over 15,000 citizens.
The VOCA Grant Budget includes $180,575 for personnel including two
full-time Victim Advocates and two part-time assistants, $60,740 for
Operating Expenses, and $12,500 for Training for all of the approved
positions in the Personnel Budget Category.