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10/22/2021 - Fire Rescue Twitter account
The premise of this Media/Press release, is to disseminate vital information to all media/press outlets. The official Twitter account for Riviera Beach Fire Rescue was hacked earlier in the week by unknown sources. As a result of this malicious act Riviera Beach Fire Rescue, is currently working with Twitter to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Some of the imagery and logos associated with Riviera Beach Fire Rescue have been deleted and or altered. Bitcoinsensus has tweeted out several messages over the past week that are not approved, and or endorsed in any way shape or form by Riviera Beach Fire Rescue. We apologize for the inconvenience to our followers and community as a result of this targeted attack. Riviera Beach Fire Rescue is confident that the account will be restored as quickly as possible. Until this matter has been successfully resolved all information coming from Riviera Beach Fire Rescue will be tweeted through The City of Riviera Beach Twitter account, @RivieraBch.