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Economic Recovery Committees

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In an effort to combat the impacts of COVID-19 on our local economy and general welfare, the City developed its one-of-a-kind Economic Recovery Committees immediately following the initials months proceeding the outbreak. The committees represent unique community focus areas that are strategically assembled with various local stakeholders that have partnered with our elected officials to create and implement effective measures to assist our city in recovery. 


We believe that our newly formed Economic Recovery Committees are directly aligned with our shared citywide goals through the Riviera Beach Vision 2030 Initiative.


Therefore our goal is to Achieve a sustainable economy, build great neighborhoods, accelerate operational excellence, enhance government stewardship, and strengthen community engagement."


Below are descriptions of each committee to include their respective chairpersons who are members of our elected body and the city manager.  In addition, city staff have been assigned to assist and support each committee as deemed fit. Please note that the descriptions are broad and not all-inclusive of the duties of the committee and designees. 


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Health & Human Services ( At-Risk Population) Committee

  •  Chairperson Shirley Lanier.  This initiative intends to strategically assist in resource deployment based on community residents’ specific needs.  In addition the committee looks at support services not only offered by the city, but proffered by county, state, and federal governments. Furthermore they advocate for and leverage resources from public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Public Safety Committee

  • Chairperson Kashamba Miller-Anderson. This committee will look at community-oriented policing and address nuisance properties and derelict vehicles and vessels and take proactive stances and policy recommendations to eradicate loitering and other problematic activities throughout the city. Educational and informative initiatives should also be taken to better prepare the public and the city for accidents, incidents, or pandemics

Hospitality/Tourism and Maritime Industries Committee

  • Chairperson Dr. Julia Botel. This committee shall work with the Port of Palm Beach and with maritime industries to facilitate import and export commerce while helping to recruit and retrain the local workforce to fill vacant maritime positions. It will also work with the hospitality industry to increase tourism-related investments from the state and county while collaborating to encourage individuals to experience everything the City of Riviera Beach has to offer.

Small/Medium Business Assistance Committee

  • Chairperson Tradrick McCoy.  This business assistance program will consider the needs, concerns, and ideas of businesses to formulate policy recommendations and find potential resources that could facilitate economic growth and reinvestment in the city. It will look at the feasibility of incentives for economic growth and of reinvestment in readiness training and private-sector development. It will also look for archaic, arbitrary, and capricious processes and procedures that stunt private-sector growth and development. In addition, it will combine and facilitate resources from the city and from the community redevelopment agency to bring more resources that could benefit the whole community.

Fast-Track Permits - Business/Residential Committee

  • Chairperson Douglas Lawson.  This particular committee shall help create protocols to guide permits, speed up plan reviews, and facilitate a pathway to help fulfill the expectations of the planning and zoning board. It will also bring about good projects in an expedited and responsible fashion. 

Clergy & Community Faith-Based Services Committee

  • Chairperson - Mayor Ronnie Felder.  This particular committee will work with religious faith-based leaders to coordinate and facilitate social, spiritual events to bring the community together and work toward a common good. It will also help provide other services to augment the services provided by the Health and Human Services designee/committee.

Capital Construction Projects Committee

  • Chairperson Jonathan Evans.  This particular committee’s focus will be the consideration and infusion of capital construction projects. It is intended to spur economic rebound vis-à-vis the construction industry and will address the capital project needs of the City.