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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is fraud?

  • The easiest way to understand what fraud is, is to think of it as any crime that is committed for personal or business gain, that uses deception as its principal technique. Consequently, fraud includes any intentional or deliberate act to deprive a person of property or money by cunning, deception, or other unfair means.
    For our purposes, we break fraud into asset misappropriation, corruption, and financial statement fraud.
    Asset misappropriation, the most common type of fraud, involves an employee of a company using his or her position to steal from the company. Examples include:
    - theft of cash, services, inventory, time, or intellectual property;
    - falsified expense reports;
    - purchase order schemes, in which payments are made to false vendors;
    - credit card abuse, in which a company card is used for personal expenses;
    - check forgery and tampering;
    - falsified time sheets;
    - personal use of company vehicles or machines, etc.
    Corruption involves an employee of a company using his or her power to subvert the decision-making process for personal gain. Examples include:
    - collusion with a vendor to make false payments for goods or services that were never delivered;
    - kickbacks, in which an employee receives payment from a third party in exchange for business advantages;
    - bid rigging;
    - economic extortion, etc.
    Financial statement fraud involves an employee of a company altering the financial statements with the intention to deceive the people who read them. Examples include:
    - improper revenue recognition;
    - fictitious revenues;
    - underreporting expenses;
    - improper asset valuation;
    - underreporting liabilities;
    - improper disclosures, etc.

What is waste?

  • Waste is defined as the thoughtless or careless expenditure, mismanagement, or abuse of resources to the detriment (or potential detriment) of a company. Waste also includes incurring unnecessary costs resulting from inefficient or ineffective practices, systems, or controls. Examples include:
    - purchase of unneeded supplies or equipment;
    - purchase of goods at inflated prices;
    - failure to reuse or recycle major resources, etc.

What is abuse?

  • Abuse is defined as the improper usage or treatment of a thing. Examples include:
    - failure to report damage to City equipment or property;
    - intimidation;
    - coercion;
    - ridiculing;
    - harassment;
    - yelling;
    - swearing, etc.

I am not sure if it is fraud, waste and abuse – should I still report it?

  • Yes. Whether you suspect it is fraud, waste and abuse, or you know it is, please file a report. It makes a difference and can help us spot problems.

How do I file a report?

  • You can do one of the following:
    o Call 1-866-899-6997
    o Follow the link
    o E-Mail
    Click here to see How to File a Report

Can I file a report anonymously?

  • Yes.

Can I file a report for someone else?

  • Yes. You will be able to say if you are reporting on behalf of someone else.

What information do I need to file a report?

  • Anything you can tell us about your experience is helpful. Please be specific and include details regarding who, what, when, where, how, and why. The more information you provide, the more we have to work with.

I am not sure what category to choose – what should I do?

  • Above we have listed some of the common things people report. But if you are not sure which category to choose or do not see a category that fits your situation, just choose "Other". If you think your report fits in more than one category, just choose the one you think is the best fit.

Can I attach or send you documents related to my report?

  • Yes.

Can I get help filling my report?

  • If you are having technical issues, please call 1-866-899-6997 to speak to a representative who will assist you with filing a report over the phone.

Can I file a report in a language other than English?

  • Yes.

What happens with my report?

  • The City of Riviera Beach Internal Auditor will be notified promptly of every report and will perform a preliminary assessment of the information. The Auditor will use the IntegrityCounts private and secure internal messaging system to communicate with you to capture more information and investigate the case to completion.

Will my report be kept confidential?

  • If your complaint was not made anonymously, your confidentiality will be honored to the extent permitted by law.


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