Code Enforcement

The City of Riviera Beach Code Enforcement Division is comprised of an administrator, inspectors, and clerical personnel. Together, they are responsible for upholding the various local codes and ordinances that promote clean, safe, and attractive neighborhoods. The process by which local codes are enforced is dictated by Chapter 162 of the Statutes of the State of Florida. These local codes and ordinances have been adopted by the City Council.

The inspectors are assigned to specific areas of the City called zones. Each inspector is responsible for initiating investigations on violations they observe in their zone. Complaints are generally handled in five working days. Emergencies that present a threat to the health and welfare of the community are handled immediately. Complaints and follow up investigations on previously written violations have the highest priority.

Complaints may be called in to the Code Enforcement Division between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, by calling (561) 882-3505. Weekend hours are 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Please call the Code Enforcement hotline at 840-0111 after hours and on weekends. If you call to file a complaint, please be sure to have on hand the address where the violation is occurring. This is important because all complaints are recorded by address.

Investigations of complaints may result in a notice of violation being issued to the violator. In addition, a notice informing the property owner or occupant of the violations may be posted on the property.

To avoid further penalties, violations must be corrected as directed on the violation notice. If additional time is needed to correct the violation, the property owner and/or occupant should contact the Code Enforcement Division at 882-3505 and make a request to the officer handling the case. Our goal is to obtain voluntary compliance. Most reasonable requests for extra time are granted, when possible.


If violations are not corrected by the property owner, the Code Enforcement Division prepares the case additional enforcement action before a Special Master or County Court judge.

Special Master

The Special Master is an attorney, in good standing with the Florida Bar, who is appointed by the City Council to serve in the capacity authorized under Chapter 162 of the Florida Statutes. He or she is authorized to hear and rule on evidence pertaining to charges of code enforcement violations as reported by the Code Enforcement Inspectors. The quasi-judicial hearings are conducted in the manner dictated by Chapter 162. Special masters can issue fines up to $250 a day per violation for non-compliance, or up to $500 per day per violation for repeat violations.

Notice to Appear

In some cases, a summons to appear before a judge in County Court may be issued to a violator. The judge will hear the case, which may result in a fine, or other legal action and payment of court costs.

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