RBTV-18 is the City of Riviera Beach's Public/Educational/Government access TV channel.
RBTV-18 provides programming for and about the City of Riviera
Beach and it's citizens. The primary focus is to educate,inform, and enhance our community.


                 Live TV Schedule
                 Comcast Channel
     18/AT&TU-verse/Live Stream

12:00 AM Council Meeting 1/21/15
6:00 AM Books To Life
7:00 AM Books To Life
7:30 AM MLK Senior Luncheon 1/15/2015
10:35 AM Youth Council 1/22/15
11:00 AM MLK Banquet 1/23/15
1:30 PM Council Meeting 1/21/15
5:00 PM MLK Banquet 1/23/15
7:30 PM MLK Banquet 1/23/15
10:00 PM MLK Senior Luncheon 1/15/2015
11:30 PM City News

*This schedule is valid as of
Monday, January 26, 2015 and is subject to change.